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Register for London Health Research Day by May 5


Welcome 10:00 – 10:15 a.m.

Dr. John Yoo, Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Thomas Drysdale, Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Workshops 10:15 – 11:45 p.m. 

Science to Business Network Presents (S2BN): Outside the Academic Box: Exploring Careers for Graduate Students

Hosted by S2BN, this workshop features an esteemed group of industry professionals across sectors including pharmaceuticals, consulting, government and technology. Learn about their unique journeys from graduate school to industry, the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their positions and how graduate students can leverage their experiences to enter these industries and succeed.

This 90-min session will consist of a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Bruce Seet, Director of Medical Affairs at Sanofi Pasteur and President of S2BN. The panel discussion will be followed by an opportunity to network and interact with the panelists.

Panelists Include:

Ms. Leila Bocksch - Senior Policy Advisor at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Dr. Katherine Lee - Life Sciences Consultant at L.E.K Consulting

Dr. Hassaan Ahmed - Founder & CEO of

Dr. Paula Piraino - Global Medical Operations at Mundipharma

Reforming Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Academic and Professional Health Settings: Fundamentals, Gaps and Accountability

In this 90-minute interactive workshop, learn directly from advisors, experts and trainees on how to adopt equity, diversity and inclusion practices in academic and health research settings.


Dr. Nicole Kaniki

Dr. Javeed Sukhera

TBD (Indigenous Leadership)

TBD (Education and Pedagogy)

Olivia Ghosh-Swaby, Chair, Schulich CREDIT

Divya Santhanam, Co-Vice-President EDI, Hippocratic Council

Break 11:45 – 12:00 noon

The Lucille & Norton Wolf Health Research Lecture Series – featuring Andrew Au 

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

Andrew Au is a modern business leader who helps global blue-chip brands respond to the new culture and nature of work. During his keynote lecture, Andrew will share how digital transformation is providing new opportunities for innovation across the health care and health research sectors and how it is revolutionizing the ways we interact with each other, our teams, patients and the broader community.

Workshops 1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Knowledge Mobilization via The Conversation Canada

The Conversation Canada is a daily independent online publication, delivering analysis and explanatory journalism from the academic and research community directly to the public. Deputy Editor Hannah Hoag and Editor-in-Chief Scott White will explain the mission of The Conversation Canada, offer some background on how it helps academics with knowledge mobilization and tips on how to pitch a really great story idea. This is an interactive workshop where participants are encouraged to bring story ideas to discuss.  

Interview Skills/Strategies for Academic and Non-academic Positions

This workshop consists of two concurrent sessions focused on interview skills/strategies needed for academic and non-academic job positions. During the workshop, a panel of speakers who have vast proficiency in the recruitment process will share their experiences with attendees. 

Panel Members for Academic

Dr. Alison Allan – Chair, Anatomy and Cell Biology

Dr. Greg Gloor – Chair, Biochemistry

Dr. Jefferson Frisbee – Chair, Medical Biophysics

Dr. Frank Beier – Chair, Physiology and Pharmacology

Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti – Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Saverio Stranges – Chair, Epidemiology and Biostatistics 


Panel Members for Non-academic

Mr. Andrew Millar – Founder & Managing Partner, Iris Scientific

Dr. Yara K. Hosein – Director of Operations, Additive Design in Surgical Solutions (ADEISS) Centre

Mr. Darin Bloemberg – Scientist, Century Therapeutics

Ms. Swaroop Bhagwat – Technical Sale Consultant, Miltenyi Biotech